Like a Bad Penny…

Just over a year ago I had an inclination to start blogging again. Right after that we had a tragedy in the family and, frankly, it took the wind right out of my sails. I figure I’ll give it one more shot.

I had blogged for many years – mostly about politics. I’m inclined to resist that today. Not that I don’t have an opinion (I have too many of those) but it just seems like an overcrowded market right now. That’s not so say that I won’t spin some invective laced screed that will even make seasoned polemicists blush. Odds are high. But I plan to write about life writ large and, if I follow my current mood, things that the French call “the little happinesses.” I’m also quite likely to prattle on with my home-crafted genre of Outhouse Philosophy.

My blogging never really was to gain an audience but more as a release for my pent-up insanity. I don’t think that has changed. I do have stories I’d like to reflect on. There’s a lot of subject matter from which to choose. After raising six kids, recovering from drug addiction and alcoholism, years watching financial fuckery, an overabundance of hobbies, my inclination to break anything that I can pay someone else to fix, there’s a lot there.

That said, and as I was just telling a friend, writing is hard and writing something worth reading is very hard. Let’s see if I can, just once in a while, make you smile. I’ll do my best.